I'm Mireia Carbonell, a creative professional in the field of design and brand communication, with over 10 years of experience in the cultural, educational and private sectors.

I love to cook, both food and ideas.  Having many ingredients on the table helps inspire me.  And working as a team around that table is the best way to create new things.  Like a good dish, a creative proposal should be a mix of just the right amount of surprise, intensity, emotion, rhythm and rigorous process.  I love teamwork and experimenting with new methodologies that foster the talent and abilities of each member.

I am curious, observant and sensitive.  I like the world of innovation because it allows for experimenting and breaking established patterns in order to improve them.  I love discovering new ways of composing creatively.  I am currently fascinated by the botanic and floral worlds.  I adore taking courses on new creative techniques.  The most recent ones have been the use of natural dyes from plants, basket weaving, stop-motion and the creation of floral ornaments.  I am addicted to GIFs and animations that make me laugh.

I support the fight for inclusiveness, a more sustainable planet and female empowerment.


Email: mireia@rubor.es

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