The founders of Lamixtura, Amaia and Silvia, are two entrepreneurs that after a long experience in the pharmaceutical world, decided to create their own line of natural cosmetics. They wanted for their brand: a brand that was inclusive, that ran from all the “antis” (anti-aging, anti-wrinkle…) and that was organic, sustainable and feminine.

We designed the packaging for the launch of their 4 first products:  a canvas cream and 3 serums that can be combined to create the desired Lamixtura.  We defined a graphic language reminiscent of the lines that remain when two ingredients are mixed. We proposed organic forms that reflected the components found in the mix.  Each color is inspired by the main ingredients of the product.  For the canvas cream, we followed the same game but created the shapes by embossing them on cotton paper, conveying the idea of the blank page where any creation begins.

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